Restaurant Non Lo So




The history

"My grandmother had initially a rotisserie, where my dad also worked. They prepared arancini, phyllo doughs and many other goodies. Subsequently, my father decided to open a sandwich shop whose specialities were horse meat sandwiches.

I have known good food in my family since I was a kid, "says Triscia, who at 17 has taken the initiative to work at a seafood restaurant as a chef. He also collaborated with a chef who worked as a second in Ciccio Sultano, Two Stars Michelin. As a result of this experience, Triscia knows the world of gourmet and learns the features a dish should present.
Ristorante Non lo So Scicli

Experience in London

After these experiences, Triscia decided to go to London for five years. Collaborated in a private club as a Chef de Partie, an important experience that allowed her to measured herself with a menu change every two days. On this occasion, she learned the art of creativity and combination of foods.

Realizing a dream

After the London adventure, it showed up a chance to realize his dream in the drawer: open a restaurant, thanks to the support of his father Guglielmo. While Triscia is in the English capital to collect the fruits of its sacrifices, her father begins to build brick by brick, a structure that will be destined to become the Restaurant Non Lo So in Scicli, which was born 7th July, 2017.